Personal Contracts

Personal Contracts: Estate, Marriage, and Other Matters

Here is a sampling of common personal contracts we often draft or review:

A. Estate Planning

Living Trusts allow for a decedent’s estate to be distributed to his or her beneficiaries without the involvement of the probate court.
Irrevocable Trusts are instruments by which a person transfers and relinquishes full control and ownership of property to a trust.
Last Will and Testaments relate a person’s final wishes, including the distribution of his or her property and possessions.
Powers of Attorney appoint a representative who may act on behalf of the principal, either on a limited or general basis.

B. Marital Contracts

Prenuptial Agreements are entered into prior to marriage, to define a couple’s ownership of their respective assets.
Postnuptial Agreements are entered into after marriage and define a couple’s ownership of their respective assets.
Marital Settlement Agreements are cooperative orders under which divorcing spouses agree to a division of shared property and debt, as well as issues related to support and children.

C. Other Personal Contracts

• Residential Leases stipulate the terms of the property lease arrangement between a tenant and a landlord.
• Property Deeds legally transfer ownership of real estate.
• Personal Services Agreements define the terms and conditions in the engagement of a service provider.

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