Flat-Fee Drafting

Drafting Customized Legal Contracts to Suit Your Needs

We draft the entire range of business and personal contracts, all for one flat fee that varies depending upon the complexity entailed, and assist you with your transaction from start to finish.

Our flat-fee philosophy allows us to be transparent with your costs before any work is performed. Our upfront quotes include drafting your contract as well as all revisions and negotiations with the other party (or their attorney) until your agreement is finalized and ready to sign.

We typically return contracts we draft within one week, and then we can proceed with whatever revisions are required to get your agreement in final form.

If your legal document requires a quicker turnaround, please let us know and we may be able to accommodate you.

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To learn more about our flat-fee contract drafting service and how Your Contract Lawyer might be able to assist you, please contact us via phone or the contact form on this page. If you get a chance, head over to our Yelp page to read reviews of our past work.



We provide customized legal solutions, including contract drafting and review, to help you start, grow, or maintain your business. 

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