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Welcome to Your Contract Lawyer of San Jose. Our attorneys dedicate our craft to specialize in drafting and reviewing legal documents for businesses and individuals.  For more than ten years, we have worked with the wonderful people of San Jose to guard your interests and represent on your behalf. We are with you every step of the way to best protect your interests throughout the legal document process.

To get started, fill out the form or call us at 310.955.5830 for an initial consultation. We offer flat-fee pricing that is personalized to your legal requirements. Since our attorneys focus strictly on contracts, we are able to provide through legal insights that best protect our clients’ interest in a clear manner.

Be sure to check out all of our agreement offerings that we draft, revise, and review for you. We only focus on contracts and do not deal with litigation. A well-protected contract can prevent you from a third party from going after your personal and financial assets. Let us assist you today.

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San Jose Contract Agreement Services

Partnership Agreements

Establish your business partnership

Partnership Agreements state the legal terms under which a newly arranged business partnership will function.

Operating Agreements

Structure your LLC's operations

Operating Agreements structure the internal financial and functional operations of a limited liability company (LLC).

Purchase and Sale Contracts

Legally transfer assets or ownership

Purchase and Sale Contracts and Transfer Agreements legally transfer the ownership of a business or some of its assets to a new owner.

Client Service Contracts

Define your client relationships

Client Service Agreements identify the obligations and rights between a service business and its customers or clients.

License Agreements

Permit use of IP

License Agreements permit one party to use the intellectual property of another party, typically in exchange for a fee.

Employment Agreements

State the terms of engagement

Employment Agreements state the terms of employment for an employee of a business. Independent Contractor Agreements cover specific non-employee tasks or projects.

San Jose Legal Document Reviews

Always make sure you understand the terms and conditions of a legal contract. If you feel unsure about your rights and protections, reach out to use. We’ll swiftly review the fine print and address any concerns. A well-written contract needs to protect the client first and to make sure the other party won’t take advantage of potential loopholes.

During our review process, we address any legal loopholes and will customize the document to the clients’ specific legal needs. We’ll consult and negotiate on your behalf until both parties agree to the terms and sign. Protecting our client’s rights is why we are proud to serve San Jose and across California.

San Jose Contract Drafting

Our upfront flat-fee pricing for our contract drafting services in San Jose include unlimited revisions and negotiations with the other party until an agreement is finalized. Your Contract Lawyer is able to write up legal agreements with quick turnarounds times, often in under one week.

We begin with an initial one-on-one legal consultation. We’ll then work through the proper contract or legal document and provide you with valuable legal advice to better protect your short and long-term interests. We have drafted contracts for a wide variety of San Jose clients with a mix of industries. Be sure that your legal interests are well protected.

Customized Legal Consulting

Your Contract Lawyer of San Jose offers thirty-minute consultations for a low flat fee. We believe in affordable legal services that don’t tie you to unnecessary and costly fees. After our consultation, if we draft or review a legal document we’ll credit the fee towards your contract service fee.

We’ll consult, draft and negotiate for you until both parties come to an agreement and sign. In other words, we will act on your behalf from start to finish. Fill out the form or call us today to get started.

Legal Contract Service Areas

We are proud to serve the San Jose and surrounding neighborhoods. We conduct most of our business via email and telephone as a way to quickly serve your needs that also makes our flat-fee pricing transparent and affordable to our clients: 

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When in the process of negotiating and finalizing legal agreements that will affect you and your business, it is imperative to have an experienced contract lawyer on your side. Your Contract Lawyer can swiftly address your concerns and allow you to make certain that your agreement protects both your personal and business interests. Contact our office today at 310.955.5830 for a free and confidential consultation.

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