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Appeared in Business Insider

Liam Roth appears in Business Insider to discuss mortgage borrower certifications amidst the COVID-19 credit tightening.

View Article: As mortgage rates drop, lenders have begun making borrowers promise they won’t go into forbearance — but it’s not necessarily a binding agreement.

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Liam Roth appears in to discuss how the Artist Pension Trust (APT) attempted to change contractual terms in violation of their agreement.

View Article: Artists Demand Artist Pension Trust Halt Controversial Storage Fee.

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Liam Roth appears in Men’s Health to help bring clarity to contractual relationships between professional athletes and ownership.

View Article: Life Lessons from the 2011 NFL Preseason.


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Liam Roth’s empirical study, “After Midnight” is cited in the New York Times in reference to how the incoming presidential administration addressed the outgoing administration’s midnight regulations.

View Article: Business Lobby Presses Agenda Before ’08 Vote.

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“After Midnight” discussed on National Public Radio’s The Diane Rehm Show.

Listen: Midnight Regulations.