What Kind of Contract is Right for your Situation?

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Partnership Agreements

Establish your business partnership

Partnership Agreements state the legal terms under which a newly arranged business partnership will function.

License Agreements

Permit use of IP

License Agreements permit one party to use the intellectual property of another party, typically in exchange for a fee.

Joint Venture Agreements

Establish a joint venture

Joint Venture Agreements allow parties to pool their resources while confirming their rights within the venture.

Distribution and Reseller Agreements

Define terms between seller and manufacturer

Distribution and Reseller Agreements stipulate the terms between a manufacturer or supplier and the ultimate seller of the goods or services.

Operating Agreements

Structure your LLC's operations

Operating Agreements structure the internal financial and functional operations of a limited liability company (LLC).

Client Service Contracts

Define your client relationships

Client Service Agreements identify the obligations and rights between a service business and its customers or clients.

Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements

Legally protect trade secrets

Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements legally protect trade secrets and other proprietary information from third parties or employees.

Personal Agreements

Estate, marriage, or real estate

Personal Agreements include contracts that protect you in non-business related circumstances, including estate planning, marital contracts or settlements, and real estate leasing or acquisition.

Purchase and Sale Contracts

Legally transfer assets or ownership

Purchase and Sale Contracts and Transfer Agreements legally transfer the ownership of a business or some of its assets to a new owner.

Employment Agreements

State the terms of engagement

Employment Agreements state the terms of employment for an employee of a business. Independent Contractor Agreements cover specific non-employee tasks or projects.

Merger Agreements

Combine two business entities

Merger Agreements state the terms between two or more companies that wish to combine into one company.