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At Your Contract Lawyer, our work is limited only to drafting and reviewing legal documents, including both business contracts, such as partnership and operating agreements, purchase and sale contracts, and employment agreements, and personal agreements, such as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, powers of attorney, residential leases, and personal services agreements. As part of reviewing an existing contract or drafting an entirely new one, our contract attorneys provide legal advice specific to your situation and corresponding legal concerns. If you are looking to form a new business in California, Your Contract Lawyer can also help you incorporate your business and help you determine which type of legal entity, a corporation or an LLC, would be most advantageous for your specific business goals via one of our flat-fee formation packages, each of which affords our clients particular advantages not offered by services like LegalZoom.

To learn more about Your Contract Lawyer and how our attorneys may be able to assist you in drafting or reviewing your next legal agreement, please view the types of agreements we typically draft as well as our Legal Insights section, which contains numerous articles addressing common considerations when drafting particular contracts or forming a corporation or LLC. For instance, we have addressed whether an LLC should be managed by all members or one or more managers, how to document when you dissolve your business or a business partner exits, and why each owner should have separate representation in drafting or reviewing founding documents, such as operating and shareholder agreements.

When in the process of negotiating and finalizing legal agreements that will affect you and your business, it is imperative to have an experienced contract lawyer on your side. Your Contract Lawyer can swiftly address your concerns and allow you to make certain that your agreement protects both your personal and business interests. Contact our office today at 310.955.5830 for a free and confidential consultation.

Partnership Agreements

Establish your business partnership

Partnership Agreements state the legal terms under which a newly arranged business partnership will function.

Purchase and Sale Contracts

Legally transfer assets or ownership

Purchase and Sale Contracts and Transfer Agreements legally transfer the ownership of a business or some of its assets to a new owner.

Client Service Contracts

Define your client relationships

Client Service Agreements identify the obligations and rights between a service business and its customers or clients.

Operating Agreements

Structure your LLC's operations

Operating Agreements structure the internal financial and functional operations of a limited liability company (LLC).

License Agreements

Permit use of IP

License Agreements permit one party to use the intellectual property of another party, typically in exchange for a fee.

Employment Agreements

State the terms of engagement

Employment Agreements state the terms of employment for an employee of a business. Independent Contractor Agreements cover specific non-employee tasks or projects.



We provide customized legal solutions, including contract drafting and review, to help you start, grow, or maintain your business. 

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