Flat-Fee Company Formations

Shift Liability to Your Company with One of Our California Business Formation Packages

Incorporate your business or form an LLC today.

Starting a business requires you to think about the associated risks and liability. There may be no better way to protect your personal assets from such exposure than forming an entity for your business.

We can form your corporation or LLC, as well as explain the differences between them as related to your circumstances, for a low, flat fee.

Our flat-fee formations include filing fees and all other costs to get your LLC, corporation or other entity formed with the state.  Typically we receive certification of the fully-formed company back from the state within one or two weeks and you will be ready to start operating and growing your business.

Why Choose Your Contract Lawyer Instead of Template Services Like LegalZoom

Unlike LegalZoom, which submits all of your formation documents to the state via regular mail, Your Contract Lawyer hand-delivers all formation documents directly to the California state capitol, saving you processing time for no additional costs. Your Contract Lawyer also can facilitate expedited filings, for which the state of California charges an additional $350, a service that LegalZoom does not currently offer.

Most importantly, unlike LegalZoom, Your Contract Lawyer can advise you on (1) which type of entity will be most advantageous based on your particular circumstances and (2) which founding documents, including operating, shareholder, and partnership agreements, will allow you to protect your business’s short- and long-term interests.

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